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Captain Elaine Mermain has the perfect sea life. She has a delicious and magical Cotton Candy ship, a cat-loving crew, and a knack for outsmarting the trickiest pirates around. But everything is not as it seems. Waves crashing in a magical orb may spell a terrible future ahead. Elaine has faced down many foes, but can she face her fear of change?

Sharpen your sword, grab your rainbow bandana, and come aboard to join Elaine and her fluffy cat comrade, Ginger, in their toughest battle yet.



The Captain’s Secret Identity and the Cotton Candy Ship

Reviewed by Kristine Zimmerman for Readers’ Favorite

The Captain’s Secret Identity and the Cotton Candy Ship by L.L. Faer and E. Raven is a sugary sweet story filled with girl power. Young Captain Elaine and her rainbow bandana crew are selling some cast-off treasures in Istanbul. Captain Elaine meets a mysterious seer with purple eyes, who shares with her that changes are coming. Captain Elaine and her trusty black cat companion return to her Cotton Candy Ship, where mysterious things are happening already. That is not the only surprise in store for Captain Elaine. Elaine and her trusty cat Ginger meet new friends and have new adventures. The Captain’s Secret Identity is the second book in the Cotton Candy Ship series, and Captain Elaine is just getting started.

L. L. Faer and her daughter E. Raven have created a fun and self-assured character in Captain Elaine. The Captain’s Secret Identity and the Cotton Candy Ship is original and highlights the power of accepting everyone’s differences and recognizing their strengths. The colorful illustrations highlight the beautiful pink cotton candy sails and the rainbows that appear everywhere. Kids will enjoy the adventures that Captain Elaine and the crew have, defeating bad guys and helping to make the ocean a cleaner place for all creatures. Advanced beginning readers will eagerly dive into this one with colorful illustrations to break up the longer text. The Captain’s Secret Identity and the Cotton Candy Ship is a rollicking good adventure with an extra sweet surprise for all who love the ocean and the magical creatures it contains.



by L.L. Faer E. Raven ‧ RELEASE DATE: Feb. 25, 2022

In this illustrated children’s book sequel, a pirate captain braves perils on and under the sea.

Hundreds of people have shown up at the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul. It’s the perfect spot for blond, 4-foot-tall Capt. Elaine Mermain and her rainbow-bandanna crew to peddle their pirate wares, like rhinestone-studded eye patches. Before they pack and sail away aboard the Cotton Candy Ship, Elaine happens upon Mariko Morosight, a purple-eyed stranger whose painting of the captain’s ship turns out to be an alarming premonition. This seer predicts “rocky and rough” days ahead for Elaine and her crew, and Mariko’s crystal ball shows ominous gray skies and crashing waves. Sure enough, trouble ensues, starting with the ship’s rainbow mast sustaining some surprising damage, necessitating repairs. That night, as her crew sleeps, Elaine and her trusty feline sidekick, Ginger, face a sinister winged creature on the ship’s deck. But in the waters below, someone needs Elaine’s help. The bubbly and amiable Bertle the Turtle leads the captain to a pod of dolphins, as one of them has been pinned by a crate on the ocean floor. There’s no doubt that these crates belong to Capt. Bad Breaker, an ex-pirate whom Elaine had once tried to help overcome his rebellious ways. Little does Elaine know that Bad Breaker is following the Cotton Candy Ship for an unknown reason, although surely it’s something diabolical. When Mariko sees him in a precognitive dream, she sets off to warn the rainbow-bandanna crew before it’s too late.

This tale from Faer and her 9-year-old daughter, Raven, is entertaining and often amusing. Character names are particularly fun, from ship engineer Agent Coconut to Pooey-Poo, once the “smelliest pirate who ever lived,” who has, thanks to Elaine, put a stop to his stinky habits. There are likewise wonderful descriptions and visuals throughout the story. The Cotton Candy Ship, for example, has a unicorn horn on its bow while its glittery, pink sails are made from actual cotton candy. The story preaches an uplifting message of acceptance; positive rainbow colors pop up on the ship, the crew’s bandannas, and the hilt of Elaine’s sword. At the same time, the crew comprises diverse, abandoned sailors who have come together as a family, all with black cat companions at their sides. In terms of adventure, there’s not as much swashbuckling as some readers may hope for. But Elaine’s aquatic rescue is a gleeful turn, as the White “miniature sailor” and furry Ginger both experience a touch of something unexpectedly magical. The uncredited digital artwork, meanwhile, brims with vibrant hues and bright facial expressions. Animals are especially memorable, like Bertle’s infectious smile as well as the dolphins, whose initial annoyance with Elaine amid their pod is impossible to miss. The authors signal that this second installment of a series is not the last. The story ends with dangling plot threads and a cliffhanger that imply further dangers await the captain and her crew.

A playful and diverting pirate tale that will appeal to kids and adults alike.

Pub Date: Feb. 25, 2022

ISBN: 978-1-66981-094-0

Page Count: 48

Publisher: Xlibris US

Review Posted Online: Sept. 21, 2022